Horse Facilities




It is the dedication to continual improvement and innovation that allows Pinecliff to boast a facility unlike any other.


After searching the world to find the best track surfaces to install at Pinecliff, it was found that nothing of sufficient standard existed. Instead it was resolved to research and develop a proprietary track technology. The person responsible for the concept design, design development, implementation and ongoing management of the property was Kenneth Neff of GSA Group. He is recognised as having developed a track surface that was unique in terms of useability, safety and allowing for optimum physical equine performance.


The track technology is the best in the world today and has now been made commercially available by GSA Group for equine and other applications. There are two types of track surfaces: "Armour Grass" and "Armour Sand".


Pinecliff’s revolutionary "Armour Grass" track is a proprietary grass track surface which out-performs any other race track surface, providing significantly better track surface resilience and drainage, with a longer track life and much lower maintenance costs. It combines the sand and fibre with Kikuya grass and other specially engineered components. It has enabled Pinecliff to have a resilient all weather grass surface that requires little if any maintenance or recovery time.


Pinecliff’s "Armour Sand" tracks combine sand and fibre in a proprietary all weather specially engineered sand track. Again it combines high performance with long life and low maintenance costs. A four metre wide Armour Sand track loops the property providing three kilometres of uninterrupted galloping potential ensuring that Pinecliff is guaranteed a perfect training surface all year round.



Equine safety and comfort being paramount, attention to detail in every aspect of the complex is obvious.


Padded, rotating bollards decorate the entry to the horse washes and fast track bends to ensure there are no exposed or dangerous corners which can cause injury or discomfort to horses.


Another example is the use of specially designed layered foam laminates that absorb kinetic energy on the surfaces in wash areas and tie ups and specially engineered vet boxes substantially reducing the likelihood of kicking injury.


The theme continues with the paddocks that are double fenced in special safety mesh and horse stables that are both well protected from the elements and cleverly cross-ventilated, again with walls constructed in the best safety materials.


A further safety innovation is the use of rubber infused asphalt on all areas traversed by the horses. This not only reduces slipping risk but provides cushioning required to eliminate unwanted joint concussion, maximise horse shoe life and preserve hoof quality.


Equine Pool

The water in the equine swimming pool does not use environmentally damaging chlorine but rather is ozone treated, providing a superior exercise facility for sensitive skinned horses. Ozone technology provides the highest possible water purity and is used in the best human residential and recreational swimming pools. The pool is set up so that the horses can swim clockwise and counter clockwise eliminating uneven muscle use and has the ability to swim horses with a bungee line.


Walking Machines

Capitalising on ideas that have been utilised in other areas of agriculture, Pinecliff has incorporated a dairy style wash concept in its horse walking machines, allowing any manure to be pushed to the centre of the walker where it is redirected to the worm farm.



Horse Treadmills

A unique high speed treadmill imported from the USA provides additional training experiences for the GSA race horses. With full suspension like a car and air cooled rubber, the treadmill can provide full gallop practice on a range of computerised track simulations.


  Vet Farrier and Other Facilities

Equipped with a commercial farrier station, a vet facility designed to allow small procedures to be performed on site, round yards, sand and rolling yards, dressage and show jumping arenas, Pinecliff proves to be the complete facility for breeding and training horses and preparing yearlings.